Tuesday, October 21, 2014


          Do I like orange?  What’s not to like?  It is warm, vibrant, exciting, and fun!  Would I wear it?  Well, hell no.  There are some colors that are just not done by fat folks like me. It is not in my wardrobe color wheel.   I would look like a walking talking pumpkin patch, and that is just plain scary to old and young people alike.  I will admit I do have a long sleeve orange shirt that I bought to go with a Halloween vest.  It looks nice together.  Luckily for the population at large, I rarely pull that bad boy out of the closet.   How flipping embarrassing it would be to be walking down the street and have some kid with a blanket pointing me out to a bald kid.  “Look! There goes the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

     While I have my reservations about wearing orange in public, I have absolutely no problem splashing it all over my kitchen walls.  Last spring I was delighted when my husband and I painted the kitchen a brilliant orange.  Coupled with red curtains, it kind of shouts “Hello!” when you walk in the room.  I LOVE IT!   Simply love it.  It looks like the kitchen is on fire and gives another great excuse why the fire alarm is constantly going off out there.  I simply hate that damn thing.  I love to cook, and I am good at it.  One of the few things that I am good at, I must admit, but every single time I cook that damn thing goes off!  BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP!  God help us all if there was a real fire because everyone just assumes I am cooking when they hear it and go about their business.  

           If you have been a frequent flyer here at my blog lately you have noticed art, haiku, and some fiction.  If you have been paying attention you have also noticed the posts are few and far between.  WHY??  Well hells bells.   It should be obvious to all.   After receiving a “love letter” from one of the editors at the Yeah Write site about one of my submissions, and count them 5 flipping years of writing whatever pops into my frazzled brain and a blend of fiction and haiku, I have finally been convinced that I completely suck as a writer.  They actually call their rejection letters “LOVE” letters!  Why don’t we call them what they are?  Can we say “HATE” mail?  Anyways, instead of encouraging improving, that one letter encouraged me to hang it up.

       Let’s face it.  I am NEVER going to write a 
book.  I never aspired too.  It was never in the plan.  Writing simply gave me something to do during the long lonely hours while the kids were at school and my husband was on the road.  Writing served me well in that regard.  And it was fun, until it wasn’t anymore.  Not long after that email, writing became a noose around my neck slowly sucking my will to live.

         With that said, my art became my salvation….again.  I have always been an artist at heart.  It is what makes my heart sing.  It makes me happy.  I am a talker.  If we met in person, I would talk your fool head off because I can.  I giggle…a lot.  Yes I do.  So to say my aura is orange a lot of the time; because I can be quite a happy little thing, would be a true statement.  I like to have fun…and honestly writing fiction is no longer fun and I don't have any good ideas rolling around in my noggin, which would help! If I ever get one, you could still see some fiction here.  I am not ruling it completely out.  Bottom line, being ME is fun.  So I am going to be doing just that on this blog from here on out.  I will be writing what makes me happy, and whoever doesn’t like it can kiss ole Whoville!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


     She nodded acknowledgement as I took my seat.  Momentarily, the sign flashed.  The engines fired. She tightened her seat belt. 

     “Oh Jesus!!” she prayed.

     Unleashing her death grip on the arm rest, she frantically grabbed a vomit bag as the airplane ascended.