Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Party Over

     "Where have you hidden the liquor for tonight?”

     “I hid it in the barn, the folks will never look there!”

      A quick trek to the barn reveals the unthinkable. Empty fifths, passed out brown cows. Hot rum cows gone wrong. 

       Party over.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gift Haiku

genius intellect

a natural endowment

God’s divine blessings

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dinner and a Show

Photo prompt courtesy of  BAR
     Annaliese and Nick raced with their parents trailing behind to the monkey exhibit.  The animal encounter was scheduled to start in exactly 2 minutes.  A crowd had already gathered to watch and the young family jockeyed for the best position.
     Meanwhile, two zoo keepers clothed in regulation khaki shorts and forest green polo shirts moved amongst the monkeys distributing corn cobs.

“Gus, mind your manners!  People are watching!”

“Aw, mom! People are always watching, and I am starving!” Gus scrambled to capture a few loose kernels that had fallen from his mother’s cob.

“Gus, don’t you DARE eat off the ground in front of company.  Wait for another cob.  The people will give you one.  Be patient!”

“5 second rule. No time for patience!  Every monkey for himself!” Gus squealed as he lunged.

     His mother chose to ignore his antics, preferring to enjoy her dinner instead.    After all, she knew you only fought the battles you could actually win.   Gus licked the ground, enjoying every last kernel oblivious. 

     The crowd watched transfixed.  The monkeys ate, then raced to their perches, swinging on the ropes, scaling the tree, and providing the entertainment the crowds had ultimately come to see.  Cameras snapped, cell phones raised in salute, to capture the moment for later, to share in Snap Chat, Face Book, or Twitter to the less fortunate souls who couldn’t be at the zoo today.

      Annaliese and Nick clapped delighted, while their parents encouraged them to move on to the next exhibit with the rest of the crowd.  More animals to see, more ground to cover, and only the beginning of their day at the zoo.