Friday, January 23, 2015

What to Say??

     I will be on an enforced vacation from the internet for a while, not because I want to be but because priority dictates.  I have bills to pay and unfortunately having a place to live, something to drive, and food to eat trumps having cable television and the internet for the moment.  So I am cleaning up loose ends, answering comments, reading blogs, and writing this.  I might have been able to come up with something truly inspired and creative today for this prompt at the BAR like some magnificent story that would you begging for more.  Unfortunately, I got nothing!  Instead, I choose to tell it like it is. 

      What will I be doing instead you wonder?  I have several plans to keep myself busy.  I plan to play my keyboard, bake bread and goodies, and continue to knit the blanket I have been working on forever.  Someday I might just get it done too! Watch me!  I have several books I would like to read that I have been putting off for a while…and well rest assured I can always find something to keep myself occupied with from running my kids here to there and everywhere to organizing and compiling my never ending pile of recipes!   So I bid you adieu, au revoir, until we meet again.  I will be back before you even begin to miss me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Screwed and Tattooed

     Tourney time at the bowling alley with my mates and I was having a top night.  Beer flowed freely, the laughs contagious.  No one’s laughing now.  Our fate: a never ending night, unbelievably cold, and the slow, inevitable death of everything everywhere.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Picture courtesy of the Moving Quill
       Michael and Katie gathered sticks together from the forest floor as they strolled back to camp. 

      “If I hold it all together in front of me they are transformed into a bridal bouquet of  roses and gardenias!” she hinted. 

       He smirked, grasping her hand. His kindling would provide a romantic ambiance. 

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