Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

       It is time for another edition of
Tuesday Tunes hosted by Holli at "Holli's Hoots and Hollers", Leslyn at "Leslyn's Lovely Life" and Lauren at "Outside theFrame"!  I had my head up my ass last week and completely missed Tuesday Tunes.  Although I am sliding in at the last minute, I am not about to miss Tuesday Tunes this week!

    In the spotlight this week is an awesome song by Imagine Dragons called "Radioactive".  I feel myself compelled to sway to the beat of this awesome song.

     Also this week I am jamming to
"Thrift Shop" performed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with a special cameo by Wanz.  What can I say about "Thrift Shop"?  It rocks and I so love finding great deals in the thrift shop.  It simply makes my day.  It has a beat that gets me off my chair and bopping to the beat and lyrics that make me giggle and smile.

     Hope you enjoyed my picks and keep on rocking till the next edition of Tuesday Tunes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

      It is hard to believe for me that I have not posted in almost a week.  Sometimes life steps in.  Fate takes over and for reasons too many to mention a person goes through a creative dry spell.  Many times I have forced the words and wrote something anyways for the sake of it.  You could say that is what I am doing now.

       You could call this an old fashioned word purge or perhaps an emptying of the mind.  For many of these days, I had absolutely no words to share.  Chatty Kathy being silent is really something to wrap the head around isn’t it?  I can be quiet.  I have spent the better share of my life withdrawn and quiet. For some of the days my computer decided to take a royal shit and I had to figure out how to fix it.  I am no computer guru by any stretch of the imagination.  That is probably why it has taken me so long to figure it out!  I bought a program at Target called Fix It Utilities, installed it, and let it go to town and fix my computer system.  While my laptop is new, my desktop is old, and let’s face it I do all my writing on my desktop.  It is like an old friend.  I had to contact technical support at one point and this very nice lady not only showed me the way but provided me with the most up to date version of the software.  Somehow during all my screwing around with my computer some important files to Microsoft Office got deleted, went missing, hell I don’t know what happened there but…it no longer works on my desktop.  Thank G0d and sunny Je$us I have a laptop that also has that program on it. 

       Meanwhile, back at the ranch…I just managed to get my computer running as good as it is going to get and THEN I knife myself in the kitchen.  No, not intentionally although the thought has crossed through the cobwebs of my brain before.  I was trying to get into the medicine that the doctor prescribed to keep me sane.  It comes in one of those child safe blister packs that no one in their right mind can get into.  Like always, I went at it with a steak knife.  To make a long story short, the knife slipped and I cut the living piss out of my finger making it painful to type.  

      Excuses, excuses, I know but what can I say?  I have been just doing other things.  I have been focusing on reading, focusing on sharing my photography on Red Gage, and writing little ditties on Bubblews.  I even bought a set of knitting looms, some yarn, and am in the process of making a hat.  Besides that I have taken a more aggressive approach to achieving the dream of having the physique and mentality of being sexy and knowing it.  That so far has been laughable.  I have been working out and I have to admit when I do the wiggle-wiggle-wiggle things move around a little too much and tend to hurt.  All I am going to say is unleashing the girls and then choosing to jump up and down was not my smartest moves.  I almost knocked myself senseless.  

         On a side note, while on my little sabbatical from the internet I was honored to have one of my blogs and one of my pictures included in the debut of the Woven Tale Press!  It is a cool digital magazine that features the best of the blogging world once a month and definitely worth the look-see.  I am not just saying that because I am in this edition not once, but twice but because it is just beyond cool and the other people featured have a plethora of talent.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In the Freezer

    My freezer is like everything else in my life.  It isn’t organized neatly.  It is organized chaos.  I keep my freezer packed full of stuff that my family will eat during the week.  By the next weekend, it has pretty much been emptied out and needs to be replenished.

     Lately butter pecan ice cream has been a frequent guest.  It is the culprit of my weight gain recently.  Dieting sucks. Let me just say that right off.  It is hard and having ice cream around is obviously stupid on my part…but it is so good and it calls me!!  Today I went to my freezer and discovered some asshole ate my ice cream.  I couldn’t be too mad though because the asshole was me.  The scale knows.  Even that little cocky Wii Fit board on my Wii Fit game knows.  On the upside, the butter pecan is gone but not forgotten.  It is one of my guilty pleasures.

      You will find chicken, steaks, hamburger, turkey, chops, and pork tenderloin in my freezer piled high in individual freezer bags.  On top of that you will surely find several loaves of bread frozen just waiting for when the current loaf has been used.  With my kids taking their lunches to school, we use a lot of bread around here! 

       Lately the kids are on a chicken nuggets kick, so you will usually find a bag of those in there too.  I also have quite the collection of half used and full bags of veggies.  Everything from Brussels sprouts to mixed assortments.  I am big on different shapes of ice too so you will find a tray that makes ice shaped fingers and bones, pumpkins, and skulls that I got for Halloween.  Although plain rectangles work, why would you want those when you could have bones floating in your drink?

       If you were to dig everything out of the freezer you might find some croaked over popsicles from summer’s past.  You will never find any questionable items in my freezer though.  No dead bodies.  No butcher paper wrapped packages marked “tail”, “liver”, “brains” , or “tongue”.  My grandma was big on that stuff and one time when we were watching her house while she and Grandpa were in Florida we found a whole slew of wild stuff like that in her freezer.  It made me think twice before having dinner at her house.  You never knew what you might be eating.  You were usually pretty safe on holidays, but other times who knew?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This week’s Writer’s Post Blog Hop is brought to us by my dear friend Jenn at Wine-n-Chat.

      Some people look great in hats.  They wear them well and the hats look like they belong on their heads.  Then there are people like me that just don't feel comfortable wearing them.  I have never found a hat that I look good in, except the figurative ones.  G0d knows I wear enough of those.  When it is colder than a witch’s tit in the Klondike, I usually will wear a hat.  I will admit that I normally don a paper tiara at New Years, and if the occasion arose I would wear a Mickey Mouse ear hat any time, any place because they are so cool.

      My Dad’s head was mostly bald and he always wore a hat.  He had a vast collection of them with everything printed on them from the name of his local teamster union to a hat he picked up at a National Tractor Pull from years past.  In the warmer months he would wear the ball cap variety, then in the winter he would dig out his collection of stocking caps.  I always thought it was hilarious how he would perch a stocking cap on the tip top of his head instead of pulling it down so it covered his ears.  I never could figure out how he kept it on his head.  It looked like a bird’s nest.  You almost expected a bird to land there and lay eggs.  Still, it worked for him!  There was even a point in time when cowboy hats were all the rage that he went absolutely everywhere in one of those things.

      Remember when Prince William got married?  Everyone was wearing a hat and most of them rocked the look.  Unfortunately, Princess Beatrice looked like she was trying to contact another planet in her hat.  She looked utterly ridiculous!  If she wanted to be remembered, she certainly accomplished it.  I know she was trying to stand out, but hey she is a princess.  What are the odds that she wouldn’t be noticed simply for her status?  She didn’t need to wear something on her head that looked like it would bring in 50 channels.  On the most part, the people in the UK have got it going on with hats.  From their jeweled tiaras to their hats with feathery plumes, they have the coolest hats and know how to wear them!  One of the best parts about the royal wedding was checking out what hat everyone was wearing, how unusual they were, and how awesome they looked in them.  I wouldn’t mind wearing some of those stylish numbers but lets face it…I would get some looks walking out to the mailbox or making a run to the grocery store with some flying saucer shaped number sprouting feathers with my blue jeans and t-shirt.  Considering I like being mostly invisible, I would never handle wearing something that looks like a satellite dish on my head. Unfortunately, I never go anywhere that would warrant owning such a hat.  It is sad, but true.

       So for me, hats are strictly for warmth and only as a last resort when I know I am going to be outside in the blowing, snowing, and ice cold weather for any length of time.   When it comes down to freezing my head off for the sake of vanity or being snug as a bug and looking ridiculous, I will opt for looking ridiculous every single time.  What can I say?  I like to be warm.

Tuesday Tunes: Tik Tok Goes the Clock

    It is time for another round of Tuesday Tunes with Holli at “Holli‘s Hoots and Hollars“ and Lauren at “Outside the Frame“!  I look forward to this blog hop every week so I can share the songs that I am rocking along to.


    This past weekend we had to turn our clocks back thanks to daylight savings time.  I still get up at the same time every day, but now it is still dark!!  It seems so early with no sun.  All I want to do is stay in bed, snuggle with my warm dogs, and ignore the alarm clock.  Unfortunately, I can’t.  I must get up and let the dogs out, pack my kids lunches, get them up, dressed and pressed, and out the door in time to catch the school bus.  After all that, any thoughts of going back to sleep are out the window.  Tik Tok goes the clock!  

     Today I decided I was going to fire up the Wii and play “Just Dance 2” and try something I had never tried before.  Before today I always chose the option to “Just Dance”.  Today I chose “Just Sweat”.  Once again “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha was front and center as I followed the moves of the dancers on screen.   They weren’t kidding about sweating!  You can work up a sweat and have a blast doing it!  Keep on rocking until next time I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Closed Door

     I followed the path farther than I had before.  Determined to discover where it led, I traveled deeper into the underbrush and the thicket of trees as the light grew dim.  Finally I emerged into a clearing where I discovered a stone wall. 

       At it’s center was a large door.  It taunted me and made me even more curious about what lay on the other side.  What would I find beyond the mysterious door?  Fame? Fortune? Danger? Another road that would lead me further on?  Like life, the closed door held the promise and mystery of the tomorrows before me.

School Picture

     I know, I know!  I am scraping in at the last possible moment with my school picture.  Let’s face it.  I hate pictures of me.  I always have.  I have always thought I looked ugly as hell in them.  Why?  It is probably because I never had a boyfriend in school.  No one ever asked me to the prom.  Boys didn’t notice I was alive, and because of that I thought something was wrong with me.  As the years went by if they did spark an interest, I was sure there had to be something wrong with them and began to view them with disdain.  Seriously, I did.  I had issues and I am determined that neither of my kids suffer a similar fate.

      Now that both of my kids are in school it seems the thing to do is to notice the opposite sex and hope to sunny Jesus for their approval.  We all go through it, and yes it starts young.  Just the other day my 1st grade son was worried that a little girl that everyone likes, and I do mean everyone, wasn’t in love with him.   I sat him down and told him first off he was way too young to even be worrying about such a thing.   Who truly cares what she thinks?  The same thing is going on with my 6th grade daughter.  She is also too young, but you can expect that kind of behavior.  I have been to both schools and personally, I have seen absolutely no one that has crossed over into movie star gorgeous.  Not one of these kids is all that with a bag of chips, and if they don’t think my kids are special…well the fault is with them.  Yes, anyways I digress.

        School pictures were painful reminders that I was not cute.  Looking back, I may have bordered on cute in kindergarten before I became increasingly cynical but it went down hill from there.     All week I contemplated marching my happy ass up to the attic to sift through mountains of pictures looking for examples of the dreaded school pictures that I could share for this writing prompt.  Fortunately, or unfortunately fate stepped it.  I have been working out lately in an attempt to lose weight.  It seems an impossible task.  What I got for my efforts this week was not the hoped for loss of pounds but a knee that hurt like a bloody bastard.  To my disgust all the doctor’s office could offer for advice is that these things happen when you get old.  WTF!!!  That dirty word mental-pause keeps popping up in conversations and seems to be the flipping excuse for everything or the default excuse of a touch of arthritis from an active youth.

        So here I am, awake at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday ready to share my senior picture with the world.  Of all the pictures, this one has to be the best.  The irony is that on the day it was taken, it was damn near 90 degrees hotter than hell in July and I was dressed in an oxford shirt, sweater, and jacket sweating like a pig.  At one point during this photo op the photographer noticed the gallons of sweat rolling off of me and decided to turn on this monster industrial fan. Meanwhile, I am standing precariously on tip-toes posed against this rather larger than life wicker chair.  The fan went on, the photographer took position, and I lost my balance, and fell flat on my face laughing like an idiot.  During that awkward display of balance and grace, he snapped this picture.  Honestly it was the best one of the lot and the one my folks and I chose to invest big bucks in to purchase.

        Remembering other school pictures I have taken I am just as happy I didn’t find them.  They were littered with the infamous ones with boogers stuck in my nose one year, ugly grandma glasses from the 70’s, hairdos from hell, and outfits that I should have burned instead of worn for a picture.  There was certainly nothing I wanted out there for the world to see.    Even more disheartening is looking back on this particular photo and realizing I didn’t look half bad.  Why is it always in hindsight that a person truly appreciates anything?