Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tidbit Thursday- Reasons to Smile!

    This Thursday I found many reasons to smile and count my blessings.  The smiles began when I went to my son’s school to have lunch with him.  The smile on his face when he saw me was priceless.  The way my son runs up to greet me with a smile that could light up the room and embraces me with a warm hug warms my heart.  Sharing in the giggles over lunch with my son and his friends was priceless.

    Shortly after I arrived back home, my husband came home for the weekend.  There is nothing that makes me happier in the world than to see my husband’s semi truck backing into the driveway.  Every visit is a special treat.  

     Even more priceless was the smiles and elation on my children’s faces when they stepped off their buses and seen that their Daddy was home.  My son was so excited he fell on his face in the snow in his rush to get into the house to see his Daddy.  It was repeat performance as my daughter slip and slid in the snow yelling “Daddy!” as she burst into the front door.  My husband’s homecomings makes all of us smile.

      After all the homecomings we went out for pizza which is always a treat.  I am thankful I completed my first Web Design class successfully.  I am thankful that I started another one.  I am thankful my family is together for the weekend, and I am thankful for each and every one of you. I am thankful for Larissa and her fun Tidbit Thursday Party at "Papa is a Preacher"!   That pretty much sums up my day full of tidbits.  Bless each and every one of you until next time I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: I’m in too Deep

     This Tuesday I am easing back into blogging.  I took a long break for me after Wordless Wednesday and was literally missing in action.  I had one class start and another end.  Good news was I aced my final and received a pretty nifty completion certificate for my efforts in my first Web Design course.  It made me feel so good to finally complete something.  During all of this I came down with a case of the sniffles.  Between the kids and me being engulfed in snot bubbles, studying for my final and taking it, plus beginning the new course…I felt I was in to deep.

       This weeks tune is “In too Deep” by Sum 41.  I am a big fan of the American Pie movies and this song was featured on a couple of them.  From the first time I heard it, I was hooked.  I have it downloaded on my phone and love cranking it to full blast, dancing, and singing along.  So this week I raise my glass to Holli at "Holli's Hoots and Hollars" and Lauren at "Outside the Frame" for hosting this fun blog hop.   

Sex Education

NaBloPoMo asks

“Do you think sex education should come from the parents, the school, or a mix of both?

     I think sex education should come from a mixture of both.   Back when I was growing up, I admit I was completely clueless about sex.  It was not a subject my mom ever discussed and it would have been a cold day in hell when I would have asked questions about such a thing.  In the 6th grade I got a rude awakening when the powers that be at the school decided it was time to separate the girls from the boys and show gender specific movies about the reproductive system.  Up until that moment, I never even knew I had a vagina.  I had assumed that a woman felt a whopper of a shit coming on and then a baby emerged after much grunting.  Surprise, surprise, and don’t forget to wipe!  Hell, I didn’t know!  I assumed men had something to do with the process, but I had absolutely no clue how the whole thing was accomplished.

     I remember the movie appalling me.  The idea of bleeding every month down there was not only gross but humiliating.  I wasn’t the only one whose jaw dropped and eyes bugged out that day.   The ride home on the bus proved that at least one of the boys in my class was as astonished by the information he received that day from his movie.  He found out he had peanuts in his pants!  If I were him, I would have been ruined from eating nuts for the rest of my life.

      I was never subjected to the talk about the birds and the bees at home.    Back in those days, if you wanted to see an “R” rated movie that included sex, you had to go to the theater and be 18.  Yes, I grew up in the time period before the invention of VCR’s, DVD’s, cable, and the internet and they sure as hell didn’t show stuff like that on TV.  My education was next to none on the subject.  My folks obviously did the deed or I wouldn’t be here, but growing up you would have never guessed exactly what the deed was.  It was a subject that was never discussed.  I was completely clueless.


       Embarrassing as it is to admit, by the time I got my first real look-see at what lurked inside a man’s boxer shorts at almost 19 I had no idea what the hell to do with it or where to put it.  It was awkward as hell.  I felt like a complete moron and I was.  When I had my own children I made a vow early on that neither one of my kids were ever going to be as ignorant as their mother was.  We discuss it.   It is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. It is part of life.  In this day in age, ignorance is not bliss.  I would rather have my kids be informed and benefit from my experience and wisdom.  I don’t come up with screwy names for what lies between their legs; I give them the actual terms.  I answer any questions they have as honestly and truthfully as I can.  I owe them that much.


         The education they receive on the subject at school only adds to their knowledge.  Knowledge is a wonderful thing.  Better to have it, than to be left floundering and wondering why.  Ignorance can lead to an unwanted pregnancy or worse yet a STD that they could carry with them the rest of their lives.  Seems to me it would be more useful to be educated in sex than in mythology or algebra.  At least, that knowledge you will use and build on all your life.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

      It is time for Tuesday Tunes blog hop hosted by Holli at “Holli‘s Hoots and Hollers” and Lauren at “Outside the Frame”.    This week I am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything I want to do.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  

       This Wednesday, I start my next class in web design and I am excited.  Until March 5, I will be juggling 2 classes as the two will overlap.  I have learned a lot from my first class and am so glad that I took it.  For a final project I am working on writing code for a website.  It is challenging and tricky…but so far so good.  On top of that, there are books I want to read, house work, commenting on all my online friends blogs, and taking care of my kids.  I have also recently begun sharing my photography on Red Gage.  On top of that, I am trying to make time to work out.  I also need to get busy writing! Oh, look!  I am writing! 


      My song choices for this week mirror my life at this moment.  Lately, keeping up has been tricky so I chose “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC.  This song makes me want to get up and bust a move! 

         Because I am trying to keep up, the second song of the week is “I Try” by Pink.  It is the story of my life right now!!  I try to lose weight, I try to exercise, I try to visit and comment on all the amazing blogs I follow religiously, and I try to write.  With everyone in the house with the sniffles, I am also trying to get everyone well. 

         I’ll take it minute by minute, hour by hour, and one day at time and do the best I can until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.

A Warning Laced with Love

     Mom‘s were put on this earth to worry about their kids.  “Be careful!” my mother warned over the years for countless reasons.  I almost always took her advice.  When I didn’t, I learned the hard way.   I would walk instead of run.  I would be careful what I wished for, because I might not really want that wish if I ever truly obtained it.  That lesson was a little harder to learn.   When my children arrived I began warning them to be careful.  I protect them. I want them to be safe.  “Be careful!” is a warning laced with love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life’s Passions


      I am excited and honored to be hosting the Writer’s Post Blog Hop this week!  The Writer’s Post is a great group of fellow writers on Face Book moderated by my dear friend Jenn of Wine-n-Chat.  So if you are intrigued by the topic, I encourage you to hop along and link up.  The hop is open till next Thursday!   The challenge is to share what or who you are most passionate about.  Do you feel a person who pursues their passions will have a more fulfilling life?  What do you think of when you think of passion?


      All of my life I have been most passionate about exercising my creativity.  I was passionate about my artwork at one time.  Then I became passionate about my writing and photography.  Most of all, I am passionate about my husband and children.  Without them, not much in life would truly matter.  For a long time after my mom died I retreated within myself.  My creativity was almost extinguished.  During that time, I played the piano for hours at a time.  I was passionate about my music.  Time passed and I met my soul mate, the one man I truly wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I wanted to grow old with him, have babies, and eventually grand babies.  After almost 15 years, we are still together with a precious daughter and son to call our own.  Just recently I decided to take a class in web design.  Once again my creativity has been allowed to soar and I have become passionate about soaking in every bit of knowledge I possibly can.  I love learning the ins and outs of the coding and look forward to writing coding for my own website and building it from the ground up.  It sounds like fun and is my assignment for the next three weeks.


      So after rambling along for an entire paragraph, I will sum it up in a nutshell by saying I am passionate about just about everything I do (except cleaning) whether it be writing for my website or cutting my kids sandwiches into creative shapes for their lunches.  I am most passionate about loving my husband and kids and being creative.  If I didn’t pursue my passions, I think life would be pretty dismal.  Pursuing passions makes life worth living and more meaningful.  So, what are you passionate about?