Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smart Cookie Award

   I was recently included as a recipient of the “Smart Cookie” award!  I would like to thank Paula Martin for her kindness for including me as one of many smart cookies who belong to the Writer’s Post group on Face Book.   The rules included with the award are precise. 

1. I must thank and provide a link to the persona who awarded me.  Check, did that above.
2.  Share 4 interesting or little known facts about anything.
3.  Pass on the award to other “smart cookies”.

    Thanks to a cool little website I was able to find some interesting facts that I didn’t know but found kind of amusing and simply had to share.  If you want to check out more freaky facts follow my link above.

1.  Turtles can breathe through their butts.  This little fact makes you think twice about trying to perform CPR on a turtle doesn’t it?
Ok, I will quit laughing long enough to share more!

2. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 short months 2 rats could very possibly have over a million descendents. They actually have $ex 20 times a day!  Talk about screwing yourself out of a seat at the table!  It seriously must be all rats do.  What really bothers me about this little fact is why G0d allows this business to go on?? It is not like rats are all cute and cuddly! I guess I just don’t get the “why” behind rats!  It reminds me of my favorite scene in Disney’s Ratatouille where that crazy old lady starts blasting her ceiling with a shot gun and the whole thing falls to the floor with a zillion rats on it.  I would be running out the door and down the street screaming if I were her.  Instead she chooses to attempt to blow them away with her gun destroying her house in the process.

3. Cat pee glows under a black light.  Seriously, who here is going to get a black light and follow your cat around until it pees to see if it glows in the dark??  Someone must have though or how would they KNOW this little tidbit?  It is just too funny for words!  I wonder if it gives up enough light to read by. 

4. Did you realize $ex is in biochemical terms no different than eating extremely large quantities of chocolate??  Does this mean when a person isn’t in the mood you can simply feed a sinfully large amount of chocolate to your significant other without enduring the sweaty mess?  It certainly explains why folks are so hooked on chocolate and swear it is positively sinful!  A person could completely bypass all the red tape of $ex by indulging in chocolate. That is one form of birth control!  Just saying!

    Last but certainly not least I would love to pass this little award to some well deserving “Smart Cookies”.  In no particular order they are….

Glen at "Glenslife"
Amy McMunn Schinndler at “From the Mom Cave”
Elizabeth Grace at “Word Nerd Speaks”

  The award rules do not specify how many people to honor so I chose 3.  They are all people who are extremely talented writers and have the ability to inject humor brilliantly in everything they write.  I never fail to smile when I visit them.  I encourage all of you to check out their blogs until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. Anyone walking into my family room right now would surely think that I am a prime candidate for medication/hormone replacement therapy/a padded room???

    I am at one moment laughing at the thought of giving a turtle CPR or of a den of amorous mice and the next moment tearing at the sight of seeing my name among your "Smart Cookie" recipients.

    Thank you.

    May you read my blog and feel as though you've consumed a boat-load of chocolate!

  2. Amy, I am so pleased you enjoyed my weird unknown facts!! You are a true gem and I have so much admiration for you. I love reading your blog! You may feel like you need a padded room but you are making a work and that is all that matters. You are a very deserving Smart Cookie and very deserving of this award!! I definitely am looking forward to reading more wonderful, insightful blogs from the Mom Cave. I am sure I will feel like the did consume a boat-load of chocolate when I do!

  3. These were pretty funny Kathy, but there were a couple of Urban legends, too.

    1) Turtles don't actually breath through their butts. They have an air sack in their butts so they can pull their legs in and hide under their shells if attacked. That's that hissing sound they make when the dog comes to sniff them. They need this because they are so slow. The air sake works kinda like the air tanks in a submarine. They "blow" their airtank to get under their shell in a hurry.

    2)Theoretically rats could be that big of a problem, but the statistics didn't take into account that rats do other stuff like look for food, fight with the other "rat-guys in the sewer over the purdiest rat-gals", out-running, cats, dogs, owl and other varmits; and getting sick and dying. Rat-ladies only will mate with the toughest rat-guy, and if isn't enough food available, she won't have as many babies. So you see? God IS doing something about rats. Otherwise the planet would be covered with them by now.

    3) Human pee or any kind of pee can glow in the dark too if you eat or drink enough stuff that has fluorescent proteins in it. Try it! Have a BBQ party and eat tons of hamburgers and see if your pee glows in the dark too!

    4) This is an urban myth. The magic stuff in chocolate is called "Theobromine". Under the very best circumstances, it can put you "in the mood", but it's no substitute. It's actually a poison, and can kill your cat or dog (so no chocolate for them!). The amount of Theobromine in an entire box of See's Candy is so low, you won't die from it. But like everyone knows, if you eat enough candy, you'll get sick (sugar and Theobromine poisoning). In reality, it's the amount of sugar in candy that gives your nerves in your brain the "happy" kick, but it's not the same (and a poor substitute) for sex. Because no amount of chocolate, ice cream or candy can produce Oxytocin, which your body does when you're with your husband. (God's secret plan again!)

  4. Weissdorn, very interesting. The website that I listed didn't really go into to much detail. It was more of a list. Thank you for stopping by and giving some more in depth insight into these things. You are one smart cookie!! Wish the folks at would have went into a little more detail like you did. Still your comments answer the whys of these things and was truly interesting!

  5. Kathy - I'm no expert but I think Weissdom might not be getting enough chocolate - - -

    If you blow hard enough up a Tortoise's bum you can make his eyes pop out on stalks - FACT

    Thanks for the award - consider me chuffed!! :-)

  6. Glen, OMG! I just spit what I was drinking out of my mouth. LOL Why do you ALWAYS have that effect on me??? That is why I love you! LMAO I am not even going to ask how you know about that little thing about blowing up a turtles butt, but believe me my imagination is in overdrive right now. Getting a mental picture of that has left me laughing my fool head off!! Thank you for that! So glad you stopped in. I needed that today. Actually, I may come back to this comment over and over daily just to laugh again. You ROCK!