Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

           Today my heart is heavy following the devastation of the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  Because of that the songs I chose for today reflect that.  I have always been a big fan of Nickelback and their song "Lullaby" is one of my favorites.  The video focuses on a young father coping with the death of his wife following the birth of their son.  In the aftermath he hardly knows how to proceed, but realizes that he and his son belong together.

        Diamond Rio's song "I Believe" has always touched my heart as it mirrors my beliefs that life does go on, nothing ends, and then you are gone.  I love it because I do believe and have faith.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Even though we can't understand the whys of such a disaster and the tragedies that result, they do draw us closer to each other.

       Finally, especially poignant today in the wake of the devastation and destruction in Oklahoma I find myself especially drawn to a song recorded by Alabama entitled "Angels Among Us".  I believe their are angels among us.  They are the ones who are there to help in the aftermath and those that selflessly lend a much needed hand.  They are the angels among us.  May G0d be with each person who was touched by this disaster as you struggle to come to terms with the aftermath and rebuild your lives.


  1. Very sad what happened in OK. Seems storms are getting bigger and more severe with every year. :(

  2. Today is a very sad day indeed.

    Susan Dusterhoft
    Today's Working Woman

  3. Such a sad time. I see there were yet more tornados in OK yesterday and more sadness. Prayers for all being said. The song "I believe" is one I love (never saw the video before) and it is one that touches my heart. Came across this post today as yesterday was my wedding anniversary of my first marriage, and this warmed my heart to heart it today.