Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tell Me All About Yourself Award!!

      To my delight, Jenn over at Wine-n-Chat  and Mary at Gosselin Girl honored me with the "Tell Me All About Yourself!" blogging award.  Thank you both for thinking of me!!  With this award I am given two tasks.  First I must tell 7 things about myself, and then I must pass the love on to 15 other deserving bloggers.  Also I must link back to the wonderful blogger, in my case bloggers, who awarded me the recognition in the first place.  I think I can do that so here goes!

Here is some things about myself...

1. I love to crochet.
2. I love to read! I love the Harry Potter books and movies.  
3. I love to cook, but hate, hate, hate to do dishes and will put it off until before I cook the next meal. I am really bad about that! :P
4. I love cats and favorite breed of dog is Boston Terriers.  I have one, Jolly, a rat terrier named Puppy Love, and a miniature pinscher named Tia.  I also have three cats: Pansy, Snugglepuss, and Rosie.
5.  I love music.
6.  I love all the seasons, but especially winter.
7.  I have a secret addiction to games and when I go to look around at stores I will always end up in the game aisle checking out whats new and looks fun.  Electronic or normal...especially card games though!! Oh and I love the new LEGO games.  

I could go on and on...but, I must choose 15 bloggers to pass on this award who are worthy of recognition.  Here are my winners in no particular order!!

1. Langley Writes

2. My Wandering Mind

3. The Story

4. Glen's Life

5. When a Southern Woman Rambles

6. From the Mom Cave

7. Catch My Words

8. Stoopin  it in the Suburbs

9. Word Nerd Speaks 
10. Tacos and Toast

11. Linda Says

12. Sylvie Says

13.  Raised  Eyes

14.  Life With a Parasite

15. Miller Writes

  Congratulations to each and every one of you!! I have really enjoyed reading your work and getting to know each and every one of you while doing so!! 


  1. Thanks for the award. I have about four unclaimed ones. It's just time consuming to link all these and I haven't gotten around to doing it; but I appreciate you thinking about me.


  2. Joyce, you are so welcome!! You can sure say that again. Blogging awards are time consuming!!! I love reading your are so funny, and you deserve the recognition!

  3. Thank you so much! I just got home from a busy school weekend, I will try to get this one done sometime this week...but as always it is VERY appreciated :)

  4. Stephtee, no rush...just whenever you get to it. You deserve it, you are a great writer! :D

  5. Done! :) Thank you for the award.

  6. Thank so much for sharing a little bit about yourself! We share a lot of the same loves!

  7. The host, you are entirely welcome!! Love your picture. LMAO

  8. Susan, you are welcome!! I look forward to reading your list of things about yourself! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Fun, thank you for including me! Will have to give this some thought.... love your list, and by the way, my girlfriend is a Boston Terrier lover too, her two little buddies have been constant companions- so sweet.

  10. Sylvia, you are so welcome!! I fell in love with Boston terriers when my husband traded 2 CB radios for my sweet Jolly. He was so cute when he was a baby and he is my big teddy bear now.

  11. ah but what music? thanks for the ward

  12. Glen, I love all music!! From Ozzy Osbourne to the classical to country! You are welcome! You rock Glen!!

  13. Oh and let's not forget Nickelback, really anything with a beat or moves me!! Love it all. LOL

  14. Thank you Kathy I love that you included me and I will try to find time to do the link up thing! Honestly, the awards are really nice, but so many links and stuff! I'm way too lazy for all this!
    But I do love ya <3

  15. Jo, you are welcome!! This one was time consuming!! I love ya too, that is why I wanted to recognize you!! Thanks for stopping in to grab it.

  16. honored..and DITTO WOMAN..adore you. Just wish we could all meet somewhere and hug in real life

  17. Brenda, well you deserve it!! Boy I am feeling the love now!! That would be so cool...wouldn't we have a time if we got us altogether!! Now that would be a party and a half. I am honored to know you and count you as one of my blogging buddies. So glad you stopped in!