Tuesday, December 6, 2011


     Each of us is born into this world with no previous knowledge of what awaits us when we get here. From that first moment when we draw our first breath until our dying day when we breathe our last, our innocence is continuously chipped away. We learn the hard way most times that not everyone is nice, not everyone loves us, and not everything goes our way. Being a parent, I know first hand that feeling that overcomes one to keep your babies in a bubble in an attempt to protect them from all the bad things in life. Unfortunately by doing that, we squelch their chance to live and learn on their own.

     Back in the 1970’s when I was growing up, television was pretty tame. There were no VCR’s and the only way to check out an “R” rated movie was to grow up and go see one at the movie theater. Parents avoided having the “talk” at all costs and left kids in the dark about a lot of issues.

     I remember in the 6th grade when the girls were separated from the boys and to our collective embarrassment we were told about the birds and the bees and forced to watch an embarrassing movie that explained in the most scientific terms just where babies came from and exactly what our private parts were called and what we could do with them. On the most part, I think we were still pretty innocent and clueless even after the grand reveal. I remember being horrified to discover I would begin bleeding every month. Even though the powers that be assured us that it was all perfectly normal, it was still a subject that wasn’t to be discussed and if asked we were to keep it a big dirty secret. It was so embarrassing, and a little frightening!! It wasn’t a subject my mom ever talked to me about, and I sure as hell never had any intention of asking her about it except in the broadest of terms.

     I remember getting on the school bus to go home feeling completely mortified. Even though the girls had been warned not to discuss what had went on, the boys must have not gotten such a warning and several 6th grade boys were gathered in the back of the bus dissecting the details of their little meeting about the facts of life. In hindsight, the revelations that were shared that day were a little comical. I remember one boy exclaiming he had discovered he had “peanuts” and “testable” things in his pants. Anyone in earshot was appropriately amazed and horrified. I didn’t know what to think! People ate peanuts!! Why would they be in boys pants??

     Today’s generation of kids lose their innocence far quicker than previous generations. It is everywhere in full color for all to see. Not only are they a lot more worldly, they aren’t as embarrassed as I remember being. I have chosen to educate my kids and answer their questions as honestly and completely as I can. I feel it is much better to be informed and wise than ignorant, even if it screws up their innocent ideals far sooner. It is part of life. With the correct knowledge they can make better choices and I can keep them safe far better.

     It is a pity we can’t all stay innocent and child like forever. Unfortunately, that is not the way life is. It is a ticket headed straight for disaster to march through life with your head firmly planted up you’re a$$ oblivious. With that said, I still encourage my kids to believe in the magic of Santa Claus, to play with toys, the power and goodness of G0d, and to approach life with all the wonderment of a child and have fun. Why grow up any quicker than you have to? That is all I have to say until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. Innocence is a tricky thing--we lose it sometimes far to quickly--and for others--it is a brutal awakening when they do lose it. I just pray that my kids want to be kids for a while longer. My hope every day!

    A very realistic interpretation of how it was back in the day!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. This is wonderful. The innocent times do pass, like it or not and as parents, we usually don't like it at all. Your decision to educate your own kids is a really good one. In this world, not knowing can be brutal for a child.
    Gotta say though, at Christmas, I am a little naive. I still believe people are good and that the little bit of help that I can give makes a difference and I refuse to give that up! :)

  3. Jenn, thank you for stopping by to read and comment! I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I am just counting my blessings that my little girl is still interested in toys this Christmas!! I want both of my kids to stay kids as long as possible!

  4. Jo, what would life be without our beliefs? It would probably be a pretty dark and dismal place. I am so pleased you enjoyed my post. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment!!

  5. My mom was very open and was comfortable to talk about everything and anything. I still remember being mortified in the aisle of the drugstore, though, every time I'd be choosing 'feminine protection' products. Crazy.

    I was always very open with my kids, too, and we talked about everything a little at a time, so there was never one 'big talk.' My mother-in-law, who found that stuff just too mortifying to speak of, didn't like that I taught our kids the correct words for their body parts, even when they were very little. So silly.

    I agree about keeping them kids for as long as possible. Childhood is short enough without giving any of it up voluntarily!

  6. Word Nerd, that is how I am with my own kids. I would rather have them well informed. I too am so glad my kids are still "kids". Never did understand the people who have their 6 year olds wearing makeup and slut wear and pushing them away from toys at that age. Then they wonder why their 13 isn't a virgin! Hello!!! What is the big rush?? Thanks for stopping by to read and for your kind comments!!