Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Second Day of Christmas: Loved Ones

    Loved ones are the people you hold most dear in your lives. They may be your friends or your family. They are your everyday support system and help you navigate life through the valleys and the high points. They love you unconditionally, no matter what. They are there for you. They make life worth living. In my life few have held the exalted position of being termed as loved ones. At this point my husband and two children top the list. They are the loves of my life. Without them, my life wouldn’t be complete. Without them, my Christmas wouldn’t be merry and bright.

    Sometimes the people that fall in that classification include a close knit group of friends. They take over where the biological family fails and become as treasured as if they had always been there. They are the chosen ones, not the family we were born into that we had no choice over.

     Sadly people come and go throughout a person’s lives. Even loved ones evolve and pass from this life onto the next. Even more sad, oftentimes the biological family you are dealt in life turn out to be on the same page as your enemies. Even though they should by all rights be amongst your loved ones, they are not. They join the group of those people who make it their number one priority to make your life a misery. You find yourself wishing the world would stop and let them off. If people were truly honest, they would admit that every family has at least one troublemaker who makes life difficult for everyone else.

     No matter whom you count as the most near and dear to your heart, without these precious people, life would lose its luster. In the song titled “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, the two turtle doves that represent our loved ones make up a powerful and essential component of Christmas. It is little wonder they are included in the song considering all they symbolize. Love makes life worthwhile not only on Christmas, but on everyday throughout the year. That is all I have to say until the next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. I agree loved ones are not always family by blood but rather family you choose or who have chosen you. Great post.

  2. Love the Twelve Days of Xmas, even if I wouldn't want to receive them as a gift. Am blessed with many wonderful family & friends - and as for the less wonderful ones, well, they die off eventually. Takes the sour to appreciate the sweet.

  3. Darlene, I agree with you!! Thanks for stopping in to read and comment!

  4. Jo, thank you for stopping by to read and comment! I am so pleased you enjoyed it!!

  5. Beverly, LMAO and Amen to that!! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!!