Monday, December 12, 2011


     I have been the wife of an over the road truck driver most of my married life. I can honestly say even all these years later, his homecomings are still a time of celebration and jubilation. You would think we would be used to his absences by now. In a sense we are. I know it is his job. The kids accept the fact that Daddy is on the road so the bills can get paid. We all accept that he absolutely loves what he does or he would do something else. Unfortunately his job requires being gone most of the time. You can’t make money staying at home. Even though his absence is a fact of life, I still miss him. I miss having him around. The kids miss their Daddy.

     So when that shiny semi truck finally backs into the driveway we are overcome with our jubilation. The kids and I rush out onto the lawn in eager anticipation to watch him turn down our road. We jump up and down and wave. As soon as that truck is parked, the door is flung open and we are there to greet him with hugs and kisses.

     Even the dogs celebrate to the point I have to hook them up outside or put them in the garage so my husband can even get into the house. As soon as the garage door is opened it is like igniting an explosion of dogs. They rush in barking and jumping. Their tails practically wag off, and they jump on my husband licking him. I make sure a tall glass of iced tea is always waiting. As soon as my husband has taken up his place in the recliner, all three dogs struggle to find a place on his lap. They simply can not contain themselves!! The kids’ take turns showing Daddy all the school work they have done while he was away and catching him up on what was built with LEGOS or what pictures were colored in their color books. It is almost as if we rush to tell him and show him everything he has missed in the first half hour for fear if we don’t he will vanish again.

     Usually he is only gone 2-3 weeks and then we are granted a reprieve and he comes home. The last time I saw the whites of his blue eyes was after Thanksgiving. I won’t see him again until when he comes home for Christmas. By then my little family will have more to celebrate than Christmas. By then, we will be primed for a full blown celebration because my husband will finally be home!! The time will speed by, and before we know it he will be gone again. Until then though, we will celebrate. We will enjoy his presence, and we will count our blessings! Blessings always seem more abundant when he is safely at home. I am so thankful that his company ensures that all drivers go home for Christmas!! That is all I have to say until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your husband and family when he returns for Christmas!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. I remember those welcome home celebrations from when my husband worked on the road. He worked for a line crew (telephone) that covered the state, the whole state of Michigan. He was only gone Sunday through Friday. Home on Sat and left late Sunday night. I actually liked it after a while.
    I think it's awesome that you know he will be home for Christmas, that is a huge perk!

  3. How heartwarming. Have a lovely Christmas with family.

  4. Jenn, I am sure that all will be right with my world once he finally comes home! Thanks for stopping in to read and comment!

  5. Jo, it sure is and I am so glad! Thank you for stopping by to read and comment!

  6. Laura, thank you! I hope you have a very merry Christmas too!

  7. Don't know how you manage it a testament to all of us. I can only aspire to be you!