Monday, December 19, 2011

Worst Christmas Present- BFF 150

     The Christmas of 1999 was the year I received the worst Christmas present ever. No gift before or since has made me wonder why quite like that one did.

     In 1999 there were a lot of people who believed that the world would come to an end when the millennium arrived and call the debacle Y2K. Churches prepared their flocks by banging on that the scenes from Revelations were playing out. It had to be the end of days. Effectively the place most people would think to go for comfort and solace were brainwashing folks into a real panic instead of preaching that G0d knows best for our lives and we should put our trust and faith in Him. The general consensus was the end of life as we know it was coming and we should be prepared. Because they went to that particular church they would have a heads up on everyone else. They would be prepared for chaos. Only they would be saved. Still others proclaimed that if the end of the world didn’t come at the stroke of midnight at the dawn of the year 2000, then certainly everything would go to hell in a hand basket.

     Survival guides were written telling folks what to do and what to have on hand. Some folks were certain that the computer systems of the world would fail. We would no longer have electricity. Life as we know it would cease to exist. A lot of so called religious folks really got their panties in a bunch about the whole Y2K phenomenon. All I do remember was that I thought it was all a load of horse $hit at the time. I chose to put my trust in G0d. Only He knows the path our lives will take and unlike my professed holier than thou relatives I firmly believed He would see me through when the time came. If the end of the world did come there wouldn’t be a whole lot we could do about it except put our heads between our legs and kiss our a$$es goodbye. If everything went haywire, then a person would deal with it then.

     That is why when I was presented with a Y2K survival kit for Christmas I was wondering WHY! It included candles, a blanket, batteries, and a survival guide. There were some other things included that I can’t remember. All I do remember was my reaction. It was one of those moments in time when you really had to dig deep into your reserves of etiquette and remember to graciously say thank you! I could have thought of a million other things I would have rather discovered underneath that wrapping paper. Call me superficial, but on Christmas day when I am ripping open gifts the last thing in hell I want to discover is a survival guide for nut jobs to prepare for something that isn’t likely to happen.

     I guess I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I usually don’t have the money to waste on lunacy. To be fair, except for that Y2K survival guide, everything else could be used later. Still, it would never enter my noggin to give something like that to anyone for Christmas. In my humble opinion they should of and could of have saved their money. That is all I have to say until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. I thought just exactly like you did. I told a bunch of people that I would have the last laugh on New Year's Day, 2000... And I did!

    I love your story and gave me a much needed giggle....

  2. Darlene, thanks for stopping by to read and comment! I am so pleased you enjoyed my blog!! Just think, we were the smart ones! LOL

  3. I remember thinking clearly that the stuff people were putting in those boxes and bags weren't gonna make a danged bit of difference! Batteries and water for a couple of days, bahahahaha, if we ALL lost power ~ well, it would be months before any of us rurals would be back in service and in December and January, it's gonna be a lot of people perishing from exposure. But I never believed anything horrid was coming and like you, if it did, I knew God had my back.

  4. I had a great aunt who just passed away last year. My bet is that if those survival guides were sold on QVC, she would have bought them for all of us. She was that sort of gal.

    I'd actually forgotten about Y2K...Did you keep the book? What a piece of history that is! LOLOL!

  5. Artful, so pleased I tickled your funny bone. Thanks for reading and for your comments!

  6. Jo, Amen!! You and I are on the same page!! LOL Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

  7. Amy, that is funny!! LOL Sadly I donated it to good will when we moved. LOL Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!