Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want for Christmas-BFF 145

     When I was a little girl it was a big deal to make a Christmas list every year. My mom and dad always encouraged me to. They cared about what I wanted for Christmas and moved heaven and earth to ensure that my Christmas wishes were realized. I would think long and hard about it often scanning the toy catalogs for ideas. Then I would present it to my mom and hope for the best. I always memorized the things I wanted most and made sure I told Santa Claus when I visited him, just to be on the safe side.

      As I grew older things began to change. Once my mom died, my dad took over the task of collecting Christmas lists. By then I was an adult, and my dad put a money limit to how much he was willing to spend for each of us. I would scour the Sunday ads of the newspapers for all the sales flyers and give my Dad the heads up for where he could find what I wanted for the cheapest price. Unlike my sister who was only ever interested in cold hard cash, I wanted presents to open!! I would construct my list showing the items I wanted including where he could find them on sale. Might as well get as much out of that dollar amount as I could, right?? I still was surprised, because I never knew what my dad would choose to get me off my list. Where my dad put a limit to what he intended to spend, my mother took my Christmas list and usually got every single thing on it plus. To say Christmas’s were merry and bright at our house was an understatement.

     Once both my parents were no longer living, the task of fulfilling Christmas wishes fell to my husband and me. As you get older you begin to understand how it all works. You still keep the spirit and fun of Santa Claus alive for your children, but you begin to pray for Christmas miracles and do the best you can to ensure your kids have a Merry Christmas. My kids haven’t produced a “list”, because I am sure they trust that I already know what they like and would want. Not only that, they know that Santa Claus knows what they want as well as how naughty or nice they have been. When I seen this challenge, I hesitated even writing it because I know the need for Christmas lists went out the window with our growing maturity and sense of responsibility to ensure we have a roof over our heads, heat, electric, and food in our bellies. After all, Christmas is only one day a year. You still need to eat, have shelter, and the bills paid regardless. Bill collectors don’t care if it is Christmas. They want paid. Period. Kind of heartless like Scrooge, but a fact of life.

     So this Christmas, my list has dwindled to a few things. Honestly, I don’t even have a list . I know all to well the state of the checkbook and the ever growing pile of bills. It almost seems pointless to make a list. Still, since I am pressed to make a list I want everyone in my little family to have something to open on Christmas day plus a Santa sock filled with small treasures and surprises. I want a Christmas meal with all the trimmings. Most of all, I want to be home enveloped in love, laughter, and happiness enjoying it all with my husband and children. Bless my sweet husband, he has always managed miracles and made sure each Christmas was better than the one before. He is my Mr. Make it Happen, my special Santa Claus.

     Since I am leaving it to chance, I will just have to see what transpires. That is all I have to say until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. Your "list" is absolutely perfect, Kathy. The meal with the trimmings, the gifts for everyone you love and most importantly having THEM with you on that day. Mr. Make It Happen just has to show up with groceries or money to buy them and you'll have it all! Holiday memories are seldom about the things. ♥ Merriest Christmas to you with yours.

  2. When I was growing up, there was NO extra money for anything. And yet, I have sweet memories of many, many toys on Christmas mornings. Usually there was only one special gift, then the rest were inexpensive toys. I have given many a child a whole bunch of toys from the dollar store and a Christmas they did not expect. Most of them through the shoe box ministry at my church. When I began to think back to those childhood Christmas's, I remember how we made ornaments for the tree and our own Christmas cards. Those were magical times and we had no money...just kids on a farm. I believe your children will have sweet memories too because above all, I know you give them love. That is what they will remember!

  3. Your list is wonderful, Kathy! I am convinced that children appreciate the little things in life much more than what we kill ourselves to provide for them. My husband and I say that in our family, it's either feast or famine. We've seen really good Christmas's where the sky is the limit, and we've seen those where we were lucky to get the kids anything. I truly believe that good memories come from love and time together more than money spent. And it is much more appreciated in the end :-)

  4. Jo, somehow Santa always manages to come. We have direct deposit, so my husband doesn't really have to show up until the last minute. :D It is usually up to me to do all the frantic running around. LOL Every year Christmas is special...and you are right. The gifts aren't everything. Thank you for stopping by to read and for your kind comments. Merry Christmas to you as well!!

  5. Darlene, isn't it amazing how some how some way, there are always presents and Santa always comes?? In the same vein, the L0rd always provides...and for that I am truly thankful. Thank you for stopping in to read and comment!!

  6. Theresa, I absolutely agree with you 100%. My kids understand how tough things are and are always excited and extremely grateful for anything. They even thank me for having a snack waiting when they get home from school. They have been taught to appreciate the little things and it will be happy and joyful. The best gift of all will be that my husband will be home and we will be together! Thank you for stopping by to read and comment!!