Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Memorable Christmas Gifts

     The first tangible gift I remember receiving was for the Christmas of 1970. I would have been two at the time and at that point in my life Christmas represented all that was truly magical. At the tender ago of two I don’t recall what I asked Santa Claus for, but I do know that what I received provided years of happy memories from then on.

     According to the home movie that documented the event, my stylish mother was perfectly coiffed and dressed in a stylish mini skirt and knee high go-go boots. Let’s face it, she was only 29 in 1970 and from what I can remember and see from the movie…she was pretty cool! My blond hair was swept up in a rumpled ponytail, and I looked as if I had just tumbled out of bed in my white form fitting footed pajamas and raced to the living room to discover all Santa had left.


      I excitedly tore the colorful wrapping paper from my many gifts and was thrilled to find not only a Fisher Price house, but also a Fisher Price barn! Many other gifts came before and after…but I kept going back to the fascinating barn and house. I remember when the door opened a loud mooing could be heard and taking great delight in opening and closing it. The doorbell rang on the little house, and the garage door came up! I sat up that little house and barn just as I wanted and took great delight in having the little family visit the animals and tend to them. They would have supper in the little kitchen, and then go to the living room to watch TV. After a while the mommy and the daddy would kiss the kid good night and tuck him into bed. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day that would be recreated over and over with slight variations over the years. Later on in the movie, even my older sister who would have been about 9 looked pretty into my presents too!

     The little house and barn were my favorite toys until I discovered Barbie. Until then, I loved to play and pretend. Who would have guessed that my favorite things to play all those years ago would be a precursor to how my own life would turn out? Even today I am still playing house, only with real kids and instead of having farm animals I spend my time taking care and tending my dogs and cats. Years later after my daughter was born, I brought my Fisher Price barn and house down from the attic for her to play with while we visited my Dad‘s house. I loved lying on my stomach on the floor and helping her set everything up just like I had done so many times and so many years ago. My Dad encouraged me to fill my old room with toys for my daughter so she would have her own special place to play when we came to his house. She loved it and still remembers her special toy room at Pa Pa’s house.

     Sadly, after my dad died my sister made sure those favorite toys were sold at auction. I know I can’t hold onto everything forever, but I would have loved to have still had those two special toys from one of my first Christmas’s. Thank G0d, she couldn’t take away my memories and sell them. They would have brought a lot more money, because in my opinion…they are priceless. That is all I have until the next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. I have often thought a million blogs could be and maybe should be written about what happens to family when parents are gone. I have seen so many siblings go so deep into greed or selfishness or whatever and in effect, tear apart a once in tact family. Those toys were not hers to sell, but they are nonetheless, gone. The memories are impossible for anyone to take and they are yours to share forever.
    In the end, material things are 'things' and when they are gone, nothing really changes except the memories become the treasure. ♥

  2. Jo - I very much concur. I have seen this selfishness on more than one occasion.

    Good write Truckers...

  3. Awwww... That wasn't right!

    All my childhood toys were in our farm house for many years, but thieves broke in and took everything they could carry out. My dollhouse was already old when it was given to me around 1955. Gone! I knew I should have brought it to FL, but I just didn't have room for it anywhere. It was very large. Oh well. I hope some little girl is enjoying it now and not some greedy collector...

  4. I'm so sorry, Kathy. It's such a shame what greed will do to people, and amazes me what some are willing to forfeit for a few dollars. I saw it with my mother's brothers and sisters when my grandmother died. The willingness to throw away family relationships for money sickens me! We saw how badly my mother was hurt through the whole ordeal, and my brother and I refused to let it happen to us when our parents passed away. I am thankful you have your memories, though. That's what really matters in the end.

  5. Jo, there was a lot of that going on after my Dad died. Since she was oldest she was in charge of the estate. It wasn't long before she changed the locks on all the doors effectively locking me out of my parents home. I didn't get to go back inside until at the auction. By then the place had been destroyed inside. I didn't have a lot of money but I managed to buy my mother's Turkey platter. She even auctioned off my artwork from college that was in my old bedroom. Needless to say, to much happened and we no longer speak. Thank you for stopping I'm to read and comment!

  6. Tim, thank you for stopping in to read and comment! You are correct in saying that because of went on I lost my sister over it all. A person can only tolerate so much and then you just have to move on. She never valued family. Thank you for stopping in to read and comment!

  7. Darlene, there was a lot that went on back then that was not right, which is why my sister is no longer in my life. I don't miss the trouble that always came with her one bit and don't need her poison in my life. Although I regret how things are, she has always been this way and I know for is for the best. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments.

  8. Theresa, it sickens me too. A lot went on back then. She had some real issues. I finally had to shut the door on that relationship for good. It makes me sad and probably.always will. I try not to think about it. Thank you for stopping in to read and comment.

  9. Im so excited for the next. Lot of memories to look back.

    1. Christmas Payday, Christmas is always a magical time making the best memories. Thank you for stopping by to read and for your kind comments! ♥