Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get the Party Started!!

    It is “Thirsty Thursday”! After the melodrama of my previous posts I thought it was long past time to get the party started and write about my favorite cocktails of choice. Although I rarely partake of liquor anymore, when I do have a chance to order up a cocktail I make the most of the occasion!! 

     The last time my husband and I took our kids to a fancy restaurant we decided to each have a sex on the beach with our meals. Since neither one of us ever drink, it wasn’t long before we were well toasted and giggling our fool heads off at just about everything! 


      We treated the kids to their own brand of cocktails and dutifully ordered them Shirley Temples. Months later, I am still serving up my own version of Shirley Temples at the house. With Hawaiian Punch and 7up and a cherry floating at the bottom, we have the feeling we are living la vita loca!

      So grab your drink of choice, and crank up the tunes! Let’s party like rock stars and celebrate the debut week of my new website!! Until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. I haven't had your choice of drink in years!! I rarely do liquor...never beer...always wine! Back in the day my drink was the slo-gin fizz and it was quickly coined the "Slow-Jenn Fizz" but no one would agree that I drank them slowly! HA!

  2. Jenn, I have never tried a Slow Jenn Fizz :D, but this is a virtual party, so you are welcome to drink theoretically anything you would like!! I never drink beer, hate it. Wine and I don't get on. I am a tequila sunrise, mixed tropical drink girl (Mai Tai's. Sex on the Beach). I rarely do liquor anymore, but love the occasional drink on special occasions and New Years. Thanks for stopping in at my virtual party to read, comment, and share!!

  3. Fun post. Real drinks or Shirley Temples, you ARE living la vita loca.

  4. Langley, thanks for stopping in to comment!! I drink a lot of Shirley Temples. It really makes things more festive!!