Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Secret is Out!!- BFF 125

      After a while all secrets come to light, and today is the day for me to share a big one with all of you!! Over the past several weeks I have joined forces with three leaders in the blogging world to combine forces and create one awesome website featuring  blog challenges for every day of the week!!   One Stop Blog World offers enough ideas to keep bloggers busy and with our thinking caps on all week long!  Say goodbye to the case of writers block.  It is a place of community, a place to find inspiration, and another place on the internet to leave  links to your work.

         A blog hop complete with linky tools will highlight each day of the week.    Sunday is reserved for Elizabeth Grace with her fabulous GBE2 Sunday challenges.  Monday showcases the Blogging for Fun (BFF) group’s “Monday Madness” challenge moderated by Tracie and Darlene.    I will be hosting Tasty Tuesday where everyone can share links to  delicious recipes  and Wordless Wednesdays where posting an inspirational picture will rule the day.    The Writer’s Post Blog Hop will  be shared on Thursday moderated by Jenn and the BFF will sponsor the Thank G0d it’s Friday blog hop.  I will round out the week with Saturday Smorgasbord where you can link any kind of blog that doesn’t fall into the other categories!!

         So the secret is out!  Let’s join forces at a new home on the internet to share our combined works with each other and have fun doing it!!  Greet old friends and meet new ones!!  Grab the linky tool and have fun at One Stop Blog World!!  Until next time when I give you another glimpse into the life of a trucker’s wife.


  1. Yep! THE SECRET is out!! How much fun will we be having!! LOL. Great post!

  2. Jenn, thank you for stopping in to comment on my post!! I know...it is going to be a blast!! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. OK...I'm here to catch up. It's been a busy day and now I have some time to myself.

    I love how you presented each of the days.. I'm excited and looking forward to being able to find all my favorite blog groups in one spot! Woo hoo! Let's Roll!!!

  4. Darlene, thanks for stopping by!! I am excited too. Thank you for your kind comments!!!