Friday, September 9, 2011

Leibster Award!

       This week has been three sandwiches shy of crazy! In the midst of it all I was honored with the prestigious “Leibster Award” for having an outstanding blog! YAY! Thank you Laura! 

       As a recipient of this award, it is up to me to pass it on to five more deserving writers who have blogs who are deserving of praise and recognition. They must be those who have less than 200 followers, and those that receive must pass on the good fortune to 5 more deserving bloggers that they would like to recognize! So with out further ado my winners are….

1. Gosselin Girl by Mary Gosselin Kidd   

2. Creativity Explosion by Sylvie Branch

3. Glenslife by Glen Staples

4. Bloggity Blogger by Darlene Owens Cirinna

5. Tacos and Toast by Stephanie Cardinale

I love reading your perspectives on life and your amazing stories! Congratulations!!!


  1. Congratulations on your award, Kathy!!! You are building such an especially nice blog here, my friend. I've noticed how neatly it is arranged and --- all your headers and buttons. Now, your writing seems so much more exciting with your own website.

    Thanks for sharing your five 'winners'. I'm enjoying reading their blogs and will be adding them to my lists of favs!

  2. Betty, thank you so much for stopping in to read and comment. Thank you for all your sweet comments! I am thrilled you like the new site and am very proud of it!!

  3. Betty, thank you for your kind comments!! So happy you like the new design. I am especially proud of this site because I built it from the ground up. Thank you also for the kind words about my writing. Practice makes perfect, or at least better. :D

  4. Glen, You deserve it!! You are very welcome!! I love your writing and your wit. I have never visited http// without smiling or downright laughing!!

  5. Congratulations on your award!! I am very honored that you thought MY blog was worth recognition...thanks so much!! :)

  6. Stephtee, Thank you!! I always enjoy reading what you write and love to visit! You are very welcome and very deserving!